2018 Stevenson University Marching Band

"Number 1’s"

2018 Repertoire

Hot in Herre- Nelly
Boom Boom Pow- Black Eyed Peas
Shape of You- Ed Sheeran
Can't Hold Us- Macklemore

2018 Staff

Mark Lortz - Director of Bands
Terrell Smith - Assistant Band Director, Percussion Instructor
Bobby Jones - Drill Designer
Katie Greco - Colorguard Coordinator & Designer
Alexandra Palmer - Dance Line Coordinator
Kristen Bacon - Wind and Marching Technician
Selena Maytum - Wind and Marching Technician
Brian Thompson - Wind and Marching Technician
Reginald Alignay - Battery Technician
Alex Crowley - Front Ensemble Technician

2018 Student Leaders

​Drum Major: Karleigh Bladwin
Field Conductor: Emma Smith
Flute: Alexis Harris
Clarinet: Olivia Apicella
Saxophone: Kelsey Duprey
Trumpet: Danella Gilligan
Mellophone: Zach Tetter
Baritone: Meghan Wrigley
Sousaphone: Matt Miloszar
Batter/ Bass Drum: Keri Whitehaus
Snare Drum: Nick Boisseau
Tenors: Brennan Taylor
Flubs: Alyssa Laue
Front Ensemble: Julianne Parker and Malikka Harris
Colorguard: Tabby Lansinger, Melissa Wilds and Samantha Pickett
Emeralds: Breyona Johnson and Trinity Bonner

About the 2018 Stevenson University Marching Band

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