2012 Stevenson University Marching Band

"We Will Rock You"

2012 Repertoire

We Will Rock You (Queen)
Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne)

2012 Staff

Mark Lortz - Director of Bands and Music Arranger
Terrell Smith- Percussion Coordinator
Jeremy Thompson - Visual Choreographer
Gilles Ouellette - Drill Designer
Michael Zablocki - Colorguard Coordinator
Nichole Grapes - Colorguard Staff
Reginald Alignay - Battery Technicians
Cameron Willey - Battery Technicians
Brooks Edman - Battery Technicians
Alex Crowley - Front Ensemble Technician
Fritz Kranz - Wind and Marching Staff
James Kranz - Wind and Marching Staff
Kristen Trumpler - Wind and Marching Staff
Mike Hoff - Webmaster

2012 Student Leaders

Allie Kenney - Drum Major
Sierra Waul - Flute
Katelyn Baumgart - Clarinet
Mason Buchanan - Sax
Regina Sealey - Upper Brass
Drew Lane - Lower Brass
Ian Hughes - Battery Percussion
Kari Norquist - Front Ensemble Percussion
Trevor Rill - Front Ensemble Percusion
Diamond ( Nell ) Spedden - Colorguard
Allyson Smith - Colorguard

About the 2012 Stevenson University Marching Band

In 2012, the Stevenson University Marching Band took the field for it’s second year of performances. With new uniforms and new music as well as a 100 person show, the band grew significantly in a year.

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