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2012 Marching Band Evaluation

Please complete the following evaluation by Friday, December 7, 2012. It is required in order for you to receive your grade and stipend. Thank you.

2012 Marching Band Evaluation Form

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Did you have a positive experience with the Stevenson University Marching Band?
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On a scale of A (highest) to F (lowest), rate the Marching Band staffs’ instruction.
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What did you like about band camp?
 The camaraderie The building of the program and learning the show The overall experience Other…

If you answered "other", please explain...

What would you change about Rehearsals?
 More time spent of music More time spent on marching and visual execution Nothing, rehearsals were planned and executed properly Other...

If you answered "other", please explain...

What did you think about the musical repertoire that was performed?
 I enjoyed the musical selections I did not enjoy the musical selections The musical repertoire fit the band well Other...

If you answered "other", please explain...

What did you think about the difficulty level of the music, the drill and/or the colorguard work/choreography?
 I thought it was too easy I thought it was the appropriate level of difficulty I thought it was too challenging

What ideas/incentives do you have regarding increasing enrollment and recruitment?
 Increase the stipend Perform at away football games Perform at more high school exhibitions Other...

If you answered "other", please explain...

Will you return to the Stevenson University Marching Band next year?
 Yes, I am planning on returning to the SU Marching Band No, I am graduating No, I do not have time No, I do not have an interest to return

Did the fact that Stevenson University offered marching band make you choose Stevenson as your college?
 Yes No

Is there anything you would like to add to your evaluation to make the SUMB an even better experience?

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