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Absence Request Form

This form is just to be used for rehearsals. A request for an excused absence from a performance must be made personally and directly to the band director.

Please refer to the Attendance Policy in the SUMB Handbook for the criteria of excused rehearsal and performance absences, along with the consequences of unexcused absences. Print out, complete, and return this form to a graduate assistant or the SU Marching Band office in MC136.

Absence Request Form


  • This form must be completed and submitted within 1 week of your unanticipated absence.
  • To be considered for an excused absence due to illness, you must have documentation from a physician. Provide the date and time of the visit and attach the physicians note.
  • To be considered for an anticipated absence from rehearsal, this form must be completed and submitted at least a week prior to the anticipated rehearsal absence.
  • For consideration for an excused tardy, please check “tardy” above as opposed to “absence”.
  • For any absence or tardy, provide any additional documentation that would help clarify your need for absence or tardiness.
  • Do not use this form to request an absence from a performance. Performance excused must be made directly to the band director prior to band camp. Keep in mind that students are rarely excused from performances of the SUMB.