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Mike Hoff

A 21st century web technology and graphics handyman, Mike works with a variety of clients to produce websites, promotional video, marketing materials, product packaging, social media campaign management and more.

Having done his time as a project & data processing manager (BMA, Inc), in-house graphic designer (Vic Firth Inc) and digital media director (Hudson Music) – he now serves his own diverse client group that ranges from music instructional media, gourmet cooking tools, world-class drummers, fashion magazines and beyond. Recent project highlights include a website redesign for über drummer Tommy Igoe (; project and technical management, design and promotional video for the educational iPad app Drum Guru (; website design, social media management and graphics support for Vic Firth Gourmet ( and website redesign and digital products delivery development for Mark Wessels Publications (

Also active in the world of percussion education, Mike served as percussion instructor and/or arranger for many schools, dating back to 1990, including Liberty HS (1991-1995) and Westminster HS (1997-2003, 2008-2012), and also served as a percussion instructor for the SUMB during the inaugural 2011 season. He was the Assistant Director of Education for Vic Firth Inc from 2001-2005, acting as the liaison to many world-class drum corps, indoor percussion ensembles, marching bands and educators, worldwide.